In this world there are many people who are suffering from personal life problems in their life, with the blessings of Athma Siddhar they can solve their problems themselves and can lead their life by themselves in a blessed and peaceful way. Amma will teach how to be in this spiritual line and help to lead a prosperous life .

Social Services

  • Attending Seminar Programs
  • Spiritual speech in temples and school
  • Visiting other countries to do programs such as spiritual and siddha dhyanam (meditation) and other spiritual service.


Our organization has dedicated to empower human values, bring clarity about present life situations and create eligibility to face life�s challenges with a multi-dimensional approach. We are a principle-driven organization, with the mission to Heal, Love and Serve all Mankind.

This organization is dedicated to find the empowerment in the present and strengthen the future. In an age where stress and depression are widespread, the negative effects on physical and mental health are extremely high. Stress, anxiety and depression beyond certain acceptable levels are known to be the key factors that become obstacles to the way of systematic progression. Here, Spiritual Solutions plays a vital role in bringing together the self with reality while expressing divinity.

Spiritual Solutions, educational and self-development programs offer techniques to eliminate stress, improve health, expand awareness and resolve conflicts , and have been enjoyed by millions of people. Spiritual Solutions are unique contribution which instead of inclined to religion and metaphysical issues, it applies the well-filtered traditional values to the present context like applied science.



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