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Siddhaithai was born in Karnataka Bangalore 13th june 1978 at the age of 8 (eight) she started dhyanam (meditation). Amma got natural power by the blessing of athma siddhar. Amma started to learn and practice Vedic Mantras, meditation and started researching about siddha muligai, when amma succeded in learning mantras amma use to started to do services to people. Amma know to chant above 2, 00,000 mantra's (prayers). With the blessing of the guru Athma jyothiSiddhar amma started to Build a Shivan temple in swathantra nagar Bangalore and gurukulam is in melchengam Thiruvanamalai district in Tamilnadu as per shiva vakyam and siddha vakyam.

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By constant and continuous peneance and by attaining jeeva Samadhi a saint /siddhar desires to spread spiritual magantic waves to living mankind for this happiness and peace. Temple construction of jeeva Samadhi depends on the blessing given by the god. In the temples also we can find the god's idols, for example, the palani temple contains bogar siddhar Samadhi. Tirupathi temple contains kongana siddar Samadhi. Tiruvanamalai temple contains idaikkadar siddhar samadi.

Similarly, in the recent past the guru Athma siddhar attained jeeva Samadhi and reached foot of lord shiva. Siddhaithai received blessings from Athma siddhar Guru. Following the guru's path, she is spreading spiritual magnetic waves to man kind for happiness and peace. Therefore a temple is being constructed and is named as VARJANADHAR SHIVAN GURU TEMPLE, the location of the temple is : [ Chikabasavanpura, Swathantra Nagar, K.R. Puram, Bangalore] Shivaya Namaha.

Siddhaithai Gurukulam

Siddhaithai is constructing a gurukulam in melchengam near tiruvanamalai, javadhmalai. As per siddha vakyam, the construction of the gurukulam is under process. The gurukulam is been constructed in this particular place because during the ancient days many saints/siddhar's lived in this place (Javadhmalai) including Athma jyothisiddhar. Therefore, it is one of the most holy place. This gurukulam is only for the purpose of meditaion , Ancient siddha vedic mantras, learning spiritual power for getting blessings from athmasiddhar, for children vedic classes and many other service.



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